The 10 Best Moments in Oscars History

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7. Nudity makes everything more interesting

David Niven was introducing the Best Picture presenter, Elizabeth Taylor, in 1974 when a streaker flashing the peace sign ran out on stage behind him. "Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was almost bound to happen. But isn't it fascinating to think that probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings?" was Niven's quick-witted response. Either way, the streaker wins a spot on our list simply because that would NEVER happen in our day of extreme and over-the-top security measures, even if back in the day it was a regular part of our world.

6. Everybody loves Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve received an intense standing ovation at the 1996 annual Academy Awards, with many in the audience crying, when he came on stage to introduce a film montage recognizing how Hollywood has tackled social issues.

5. Who invited these guys again?

In 2000, the "South Park" group showed up in drag to the red carpet, with Matt Stone and Trey Parker mocking Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez's former memorable red-carpet gowns. It was a sight one might expect to see at the Oscar's sluttier, more irresponsible little sister, the Golden Globes, and was so incredibly odd, although not surprising coming from Stone and Parker.

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Also, Halle Berry was not the first African-American woman to win an Oscar. Hattie McDaniel won Best Supporting Actress for "Gone with the Wind" in 1940. Halle Berry was the first African American woman to win Best Actress, but certainly on the first to win an Oscar.


Correction: Kathryn Bigelow was not married to Steven Spielberg (and he did NOT direct Avatar). She was married to James Cameron -- the director of Avatar. C'mon people.

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