Loyal to the Soil: Founders of Bunky Boutique, Merzproject Architects, and Skymall Aim to Connect Arizona Business

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When Rachel and Jim Malloy, creators of Bunky Boutique, Chris Nieto, founder of Merzproject Architects and Alan Lobock, co-founder of Skymall announced they were joining forces to create a connection between local wholesalers and retailers, we were all ears.

Loyal to the Soil, they say, will be a web-based platform that will connect local Arizona designers, manufacturers and wholesalers with local retailers with the goal of strengthening Arizona's economy.

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The founders say they started Loyal to the Soil with a goal to "shine a spotlight on the Arizona design and manufacturing communities and showcase Arizona as a place to do business."

Loyal to the Soil aims to bring together local suppliers and retailers to keep every penny -- from production to purchase -- in Arizona.

The Phoenix-based start-up was one of 16 projects, out of 191 proposals, selected for SEEDspot's inaugural Venture Program that supports entrepreneurs develop and launch their businesses.

"We look for businesses that support the state or the community and Loyal to the Soil basically had this baked into its DNA, to make Arizona's economy stronger," says SEEDspot co-founder Courtney Klein Johnson.

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