Local Artist Josh Brizuela, aka Bask, Discusses His Inspirations and Big Plans for 2013

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Courtesy of Josh Murphy
He graduated from Peoria High School in 2011 and moved to Tempe. He says moving away from Glendale sparked his interest and participation in the downtown Phoenix art scene.

Brizuela says he didn't necessarily intend on trying to get his art out there -- not any more than he had already done -- but that the stars must have aligned, because within a week of moving to Tempe he got a call from Jorge Ignacio Toress from Palabra. Brizuela says local artist Ashley Macias had recommended his work to Toress who offered him a show.

"I wanted this art show to be simple, and not too overwhelming, 'cause I didn't know what to expect," says Brizuela. "I thought it was just going to end up being my friends and me, and we're just going to hang out -- that's really what I expected."

But turnout was huge. Brizuela says hundreds of people came through the gallery and looked at his work on the walls.

"I couldn't really believe what was happening, all these strangers coming out," says Brizuela. "People looking at my art -- like really looking. It was cool, definitely a good response."

Brizuela says Bask isn't his artist name, but rather a company name that he uses to sell his work. His future plans include more art shows, and a lot of traveling.

"I want to continue to be able to live off of art, and not have to worry about money," says Brizuela. "I want to travel. That's the main reason why I started this company. I want to be able to get my art everywhere. But not just get my art everywhere ... I want to get me everywhere. I want to see everywhere."

For more information on Josh Brizuela and Bask, visit his website or follow him on Tumblr.

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