The Nine Craziest Carts at Phoenix Idiotarod

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phoenix idiotarod 2013 mortal kartbot.JPG

3. Mortal Kartbot
The ultra-bloody landmark fighting game Mortal Kombat was the inspiration behind this fearsome fivesome's Idiotarod cart. They adorned themselves as such mythical and mystical martial artists from the game as Scorpion, Sonya Blade, Kitana, the lightning-powered Raiden, and even the six-armed beast Goro and utilized a cart that resembled a cardboard version of the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Thankfully, no dismemberment or decapitations were unleashed by the team during the course of the race.

phoenix idiotarod 2013 costa concordia.JPG

2. 3-2-1 Contact Concordia
Rolling around with an substantial-looking cart that involved a large papier-mâché rendition of a cruise ship, this outrageous ensemble satirized last year's Costa Concordia tragedy by portraying a crew of arrogant Italian sailors who sought to annoy with over-the-top accents, shouts of "Andiamo!" blasting the country's grating soccer anthem on a blaring sound system.

phoenix idiotarod 2013 flash gordon.JPG

1. Flash Gordon
Our personal favorite Idiotarod entry, and arguably one of the best-looking of the bunch, was this tribute to old Flash Gordon serials of the 1930s, as well as the campy and schlocky 1980 remake. All of the major characters from the epic science-fiction tale were included -- Ming the Merciless, Queen Fria, and Flash Gordon himself -- each wearing painstakingly recreated costumes and piloting a zazzy space ship.

See more photos from the Phoenix Idiotarod via our slideshow of the event.

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