The Nine Craziest Carts at Phoenix Idiotarod

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phoenix idiotarod 2013 jedi mindfuck.JPG
Jedi Mind-Fuck

6. Star Whores/Jedi Mind-Fuck (Tie)
We admit to being some of the biggest Star Wars fans around, so naturally we were impressed by both of the Idiotarod teams that riffed on the space adventurers from a galaxy far, far away. Jedi Mind-Fuck earned some serious nerd respect by building a miniature version of an X-Wing fighter that was piloted by such star warriors as Yoda, C-3PO, and a hairy dude dressed as Slave Leia (yikes).

phoenix idiotarod 2013 star whores.JPG
Star Whores

Meanwhile, Star Whores offered salacious versions of Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader, as well as a cart with an aluminum foil version of the Millennium Falcon captain frozen in carbonite. We were so geeked out that we'll refrain from nitpicking the contradiction of Solo paradoxically pushing himself around.

phoenix idiotarod 2013 smitten kitten.JPG

5. Smitten Kittens
When we first encountered this colorful crew, we assumed it was the team we'd heard was going to be based around the ultra-popular Internet meme Grumpy Cat. While that particular group wound up no-showing the event, this high-concept affair was just as entertaining. According to the team's lineup, they were a pack of old ladies who'd been adopted by one feline, offering a spin on the notion of crazy cat ladies. As such, they covered their cart with afghans, wore bathrobes, and wielded canes.

phoenix idiotarod 2013 south park.JPG

3. Team South Park
In theory, Phoenix Idiotarod teams are supposed to only five members each. In actual practice, however, groups will sometime bring out additional "unofficial" members who don't operate their cart but help support their concept or round out their cast. To wit: Team South Park featured a total of nine people portraying most of the main characters from the notorious Comedy Central adult cartoon. Their roster included Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and (of course) Cartman, as well as Randy Marsh, Chef, Butters, and Wendy Testaburger. All of their recreations were quite cool, except for Towelie. He's the worst character ever.

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