The Nine Craziest Carts at Phoenix Idiotarod

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phoenix idiotarod 2013.JPG
Photos by Benjamin Leatherman
Phoenix Idiotarod participants gather at Margaret T. Hance Park on Saturday. See more photos from the event via our slideshow.
They came, they saw, they drank. And they also caused much chaos and got really messy in the process. The participants at the annual Phoenix Idiotarod this past weekend certainly didn't disappoint when it came to their creativity, as well as their penchant for referencing pop culture or attempting to offend with their outrageousness.

A slew of colorfully decorated shopping carts, each designed around unique and bizarre themes and manned by teams of costumed characters, invaded the Margaret T. Hance park on Saturday for the yearly event, which is put on by the Arizona Cacaphony Society, and got ready for an afternoon to remember.

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Chaotic fun ensued during the latest edition of the annual outrageous event, as participants bombed around between bars and drinkeries, competed in alcohol-related challenges, and slung substances like cooked rice or sawdust at other teams as sabotage.

phoenix idiotarod 2013 sabotage.JPG
Phoenix Idiotarod participants get into a flour fight outside of the Crescent Ballroom.

Amongst the three dozen or so themed teams that turned out for off-the-wall race, we spotted groups inspired by Reservoir Dogs, Giligin's Island, and Home Depot chain of construction supply stores. Then there were the carts that were either extremely crazy and entirely memorable and both shocked or impressed us.

phoenix idiotarod 2013 moonshiners.JPG

9. Moonshiners: Drunk and Stupid
The sons of the south were sent up in silly fashion via this particular Idiotarod team, whose members transformed its cart into a mobile distillery (albeit non-functional) and dressed in coveralls, straw hats, and camouflage wear. They also toted around bottles of a clear liquid, which may or may not have been white lightning. Yeehaw!

phoenix idiotarod 2013 cheese n chile cart.JPG

8. Cheese & Chile
Speaking of playing up stereotypes, this group featured a flock of Caucasian folks dressed as banditos (complete with serapes and fake Dirty Sanchez mustaches) and pushing around a cart that was essentially a Mexican food buffet on wheels that was topped with a gigantic sombrero. While they won't win any awards for their racial sensitivity (and were a bit more P.C. the another cart starring people in pink jumpsuits labeled with "Illegal Alien"), Cheese & Chile kept other teams from getting hungry by feeding them burritos and pouring shots of tequila into their mouths.

phoenix idiotarod 2013 team takeout.JPG

7. Team Take Out
Completing our hat trick of casual racism is Team Take Out (subtitle: "Have a Rice Day!"), who spent two days making a shopping trolley resemble one of those white to-go containers popularized by Chinese restaurants. It boasted a dude dressed as a sushi chef, a couple of people in conical paddy hats, and a femme fatales in vampy Asian-inspired dresses, including a Vietnamese lass named Jayd Lem who told us she came up with the theme. "Yeah, it's funny because the only Asian on our team came up with our concept," Lem says, laughing. At least no one attempted to talk with some comically bad stereotypical Oriental accents.

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