Downtown Phoenix's FilmBar Expands Its Late Night Programming

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Just in case its screenings of art-house films, funky nightlife events, and voluminous beer selection weren't enough to cause you to roll into FilmBar after dark, the folks behind the downtown Phoenix indie theatre and culture den have come up with a few more reasons to visit.

FilmBar's proprietors announced yesterday that they're beefing up their late night events and offerings starting in March with a lineup of eight special monthly events and unique screenings that's a mix of cult favorites with both interesting and odd cinematic experiences.

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Cult classics and weirdo fare being shown in the later hours of the evening has been a hallmark of indie and art-house theatres for decades, dating back to the heyday of midnight unfurlings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the late 1970s and earlier.

But while chanting and mimicking the exploits of Dr. Frank-N-Further and company won't be included amongst FilmBar's new late night screenings (at least not yet...we're sure they'll get around to it eventually), there's plenty of other so-bad-it's-good celluloid to check out.

For instance, if you're in the mood to sing along with something schlocky, spazzy electro-pop act Treasure Mammal will offer the chance to do so when it shows R. Kelly's infamous Trapped in the Closet.

Episodes of the ongoing 33-part "hip-hopera," which debuted back in 2005, involved the R&B singer portraying a philandering cop who is caught up in some rather complex and kooky drama after cheating with a preacher's wife.

The sing-along series will actually get a head start on the other late night FilmBar offerings, as it launches this Saturday and features a special pre-show dance party.

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 @MotherJones -- We invite you to look at our entire calendar.  The 'schlock & kitsch' are just our late night programming.  Our non-late night stuff is, indeed, good foreign and indie. Thanks for supporting local culture.  Oh wait.  Nevermind.


The Room? That's what passes for edgy? What a joke. Try showing some foreign films. Good ones. Not just the schlock and kitsch. 

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