The Most Expensive Sex Toys in the World (NSFW)

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For those who have wondered how the other half lives, specifically with their bottom halves, Jackalope Ranch has compiled a list of 5 of the most expensive adult toys. Think of it as our needless and naughty way to commemorate the most romantic holiday of the year. Because nothing says "I love you" like thousand dollar sex toys.

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Real Doll

Not only is this one of the most expensive toys on the market, but also it is by far the creepiest - these custom sex dolls can be made with an uncanny resemblance to your favorite porn star, a deceased lover or simply the one that got away. Starting at a base price of $5,999, these life-size dolls can be upgraded and modified to meet each customer's specific desires; from hair, skin color, and nails to make up, body type, and facial structure. Customers can even select special add-ons like tan lines, permanent facial expressions, elf ears, and shemale genitalia.

Lelo Earl

This 18 carat gold-plated anal toy provides prostate stimulation with warmed or cooled precious metal and a handy dandy ring for easy removal, all for the price of $2,590 (an additional $10 gets you the clean up kit). As an added bonus, this luxury pleasure toy comes with matching gold cufflinks, giving the outside world a chance to see them, ask about them, and then immediately regret doing so.

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