Five Must-See Arts and Culture Events This Week in Metro Phoenix

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We know, the beginning of the work week sucks. But if you take a quick look at the calendar, you'll see we're off to a pretty good week of art events, sports games, dance parties, and more. Here are our must-see events from now to the weekend...

RuPaul's Drag Race Season Five Cast

Monday, February 4: RuPaul's Drag Race Viewing Party @ The Rock
Reality TV gets a bad rap, and usually for good reason. Fortunately for us tube-addicts, most shows aren't as ridiculous as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Sure, RuPaul's Drag Race can be pretty over the top (especially when queens imitate celebrities in "The Snatch Game"). But who doesn't love seeing an extra-fabulous Paris Hilton or a Puerto Rican queen's attempt at imitating Amy Winehouse's British accent?

The show's fifth season promises more fabulosity than ever thanks to the bevy of drag queens competing for the honor of being crowned America's next drag superstar. These fierce divas show their skills by making their own glamorous outfits, posing in photo shoots, and lip-synching for their lives - all to hang in there for another week of the same. The Rock will celebrate the season with a weekly RuPaul's Drag Race viewing party that includes karaoke, bingo, and snacks.
-- Melissa Fossum


Tuesday, February 5: Books and Beakers Science Café @ Lawn Gnome

Science certainly has its enemies: Creationists still conjure up fantasies of Jesus palling around with dinosaurs, climate-change-deniers turn a blind eye to mild winters and numerous natural disasters, and even Bill Nye the Science Guy was killed by Twitter rumors last fall. Thankfully, it's not yet illegal for fans of scientific progress to gather, and Lawn Gnome Publishing's Books and Beakers Science Café takes advantage of that fact on Tuesdays.

Past topics of the laid-back seminars have included solar energy, how fermentation (and beer) have shaped humanity, and "Six Ways Mushrooms Will Destroy the World." While the science-based professionals that pop up to speak change from week to week, the one constant is affable downtown musician TK Campo moderating to keep things brisk and light.
-- Jose Gonzalez

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