Artist Denise Yaghmourian Creates Experimental Patterning in Former Upholstery Warehouse in Phoenix

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photos by Thania Betancourt
Set up in this room right now is a piece she's been working on that she put together after a visit to Davis Salvage, a scrap metal recycling center. Dozens of metal construction support beams line up in neat rows on wooden bases. Each has a rainbow glint coloring from too much sun exposure.

"They were just sitting outside," Yaghmourian says. "Some were wrapped in paper, had dirt on them. I opened them up and was like, 'These are beautiful.' I'm still playing around with it."

Yaghmourian says she is naturally drawn to objects that are the same but slightly different, and she tries to keep things simple instead of over-thinking: "I loved how they were beautiful the way they were, and I just wanted to show their beauty. That's it. Without turning them into anything else."

photos by Thania Betancourt
Yaghmourian finds it exciting to find these kinds of objects that are all the same shape but different in their own way.

"There's something about putting that all together to make a piece. It's meditative," she says.

Yahgmourian says she doesn't always plan what it's going to be, and the best way for her to create is to let the meaning develop along the way: "A lot of it is subconscious. Usually I'll see something, and then start working with it and let it happen."

Though Yaghmourian and Bertoncino have made their time at their current studio worthwhile, they're making a studio move to Bragg's Pie Factory sometime in March. "It's an exciting move because there's a lot going on in that part of town," Yaghmourian says.

Yaghmourian is currently installing her pieces for IN FLUX at 51 E. Boston St. in Historic Downtown Chandler, which will be available to see mid-February.

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