Artist Denise Yaghmourian Creates Experimental Patterning in Former Upholstery Warehouse in Phoenix

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Denise Yaghmourian main.jpg
photos by Thania Betancourt
When artists Denise Yaghmourian and Jeff Bertoncino found an upholstery warehouse on Seventh and Camelback streets in Phoenix that was up for sale, they saw its potential as an artistic haven for the whole family.

Yaghmourian describes the studio as her favorite place to be. The frame of the space is orderly and clear with crisp white walls and a smooth stone floor. In the front entrance gallery, fibrous forms hang from the ceiling, resembling dripping textured tears. Some closely hug the ceiling while others hover over the floor.

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photos by Thania Betancourt
Situated on a curving cut out of carpet, slender wooden pieces and metal sculptures twist upward while white netting drapes down.

For this artwork, Yaghmourian collaborates with artist and close friend Joe Willie Smith for what will eventually be a sound/performance installation piece. Yaghmourian explains they will create a transparent structure around it, and Smith will mic the different objects to magnify the unique reverberations when they tap or hit the wood, metal, and chairs that will be added to the installation.

"We're playing around with the idea of communication just through sound and how it changes the perspective of voice," Yaghmourian says. She also admits that working on a larger scale work is different than what she's used to. "[It's] probably more fun to do the bigger works because it's new and challenging. I get up and move around more."

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