ASU Alumnus Darian Lane Discusses His New Book Flashy Fiction," Working with Muhammad Ali, and His Next Projects

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What are you reading now?

You're going to laugh, but I'm reading right now Fifty Shades of Grey. Cause I'm writing The Girlfriend Experience, so I wanted to read about the female psyche and get the sort of vibe I'm looking for. I'm also reading White Oleander. I'm rereading it. I read it years and years ago.

I have a tendency not to like to read when I'm writing stuff, especially a novel. Because I don't want the writer to influence me in no way shape or form.

What was the last book you read?

The Bible. After you read the Bible you realize that every other writer just copied everything from the Bible, and all the stories in there.

How do you pick your next books to read?

Originality. I can tell if it's a good writer by the first sentence. That's why I haven't read any new, recent authors cause it seems like they're just writing. I mean the thing is, the reason I don't read that much anymore is because I've pretty much read everything there is to read. I used to have at least eight bookcases of books that I've read, until I sent them to my mom.

Is there a book next on your list?

Nah, I mean, I'm reading 50 Shades now, and the first chapter so far is pretty interesting.

I have one favorite author, John Fante. He is probably the most brilliant and prolific writer I've ever read in my entire life. I don't give admiration to very many people, but he can write. The words fly off the page. If you've ever read Charles Bukowski, you would know that Charles Bukowski copied everything that Fante did, or tried to.

For more information on Flashy Fiction, see here.

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