ASU Alumnus Darian Lane Discusses His New Book Flashy Fiction," Working with Muhammad Ali, and His Next Projects

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Working in his line of work, he's had the opportunity -- or misfortune, in some cases -- to work with hot celebrities, including musicians and athletes. Lane says there are always nice ones, as well as the a-holes. Regardless of which category his clients fall into, Lane says he pretty much gets along with everybody.

"The key is not getting too close," says Lane. "That's what I've always done. Because otherwise you'll become a fan, rather than a work associate."


Lane's life in L.A. provided him with a bevy of interesting stories, stories that his friends insisted he write down whenever he would recount them verbally. Finally, he acquiesced.

What he created was Flashy Fiction, a novel including many mini-stories, at under 2,000 words each. So far, he says the reception has been good.

"I haven't had any complaints. Everybody likes the way I write," says Lane. "It's a new style of writing, so that's what they like about I think. It's really quick and flashy."

Lane can remember as far back as third grade having a knack for writing.

"I used to write little Transformers stories for kids -- sagas, I called them," says Lane. "They would always ask what was going to happen next week. People liked it a lot. Kids like it."

Lane is already working on his next novel, which he's titled The Girlfriend Experience.

"This one will probably get me killed, but it's a good book," says Lane. "It's basically all of my ex-girlfriends' e-mails, texts, and letters from the beginning of our relationship to the very end."

Lane also is currently working on a project called The Collector, a film he wrote based on one of his friends, a woman who "collects" men. He hopes to sell it to a studio and be able to direct the movie himself.

As if promoting a novel, writing another, and trying to make a movie weren't enough for Lane, he's also working on selling a pilot for a TV show called Born to Act, essentially a female version of Entourage.

Lane confessed that the reason he was in Phoenix was because he has a contract with Starwood Hotels, and does modeling for them.

"I just had to cash in on my looks. It's terrible," says Lane.

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