We're Doomed: Coco Brown Announces Plans to Be the First Porn Star in Space

Coco Brown
In the spirit of freedom of space travel for all of mankind, adult film star Coco Brown is scheduled to take one giant leap with the help of space tourism company Space Expedition Corporation (SXC).

In March, 2014, the actress known (in circles) for her roles in Black Panty Chronicles 2, Big Booty Bomb 2, and Sperma Hotel will board the two-person Lynx space plane and shoot 62 miles into space. Ticket price: $95,000.

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Brown is currently in the Netherlands completing rounds of space exploration and "zero gravity training" (see above), and while she says there's no big plans for an airtime quickie -- "People have to learn how working in no gravity functions before you do a porn there," she told The Sun -- she has posted on her Twitter feed that she might pull a boob out and take a picture with the Earth in the background. Classy.

If all goes as planned, Brown will be the first porn star in Space, but if she decides to shoot a video of her "experience," it won't be the first sky-high pornographic movie made -- that honor was given to "The Uranus Experiment: Part 2" (1999).

The Space Expedition Corporation will also send 22 contest winners into Space in a partnership with Axe body spray and plans to launch passenger flights into suborbital space in the near future. The company has already taken more than 175 reservations for flights.

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