CitySolve Urban Race Brings a Downtown Scavenger Hunt to Phoenix in March

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From music to cars, clothing to sporting events, the world is be compartmentalized and reduced into specific niches--and finding the right niche is crucial in making most any event or concept work well.

That said, CitySolve Urban Race planners are calling for all sneaker-wearing pop culture guru public transportation-riding adventure sport math junkie photographers to participate in the Phoenix version of its national race series.

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Do you fit that niche demographic? Part of it? Just looking for a, uh, different way to discover more of the United States' fifth largest metropolitan area? Well, the "exhilarating adventure race that CitySolve Urban Race promises to deliver" (press speak), takes place noon Saturday, March 2 and involves solving riddles and overcoming unexpected challenges in order to navigate across the Phoenix.

It works something like this: Participant teams of two to four adventurers (costumes are highly recommended) are presented with a series of questions, from pop culture references to math riddles (nothing overly complex, organizers promise), to solve. These answers provide directional clues toward the next checkpoint.

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