Christopher Coville's "Works of Fire" at Bokeh Gallery is a Testament to Photographic Experimentation

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Christopher Coville
What are some of the ideas behind this project?

I am fascinated by the dual nature of creation and destruction along with the possibilities of making something out of an act of obliteration. I feel that working in these ways I am able to push the material and symbolic limitations of the medium, pushing photography past its indexical limits! These images turn photography upside down and use the photographic materials to create images from the inside out. Instead of recording something that happens outside the camera, they are direct result of an event. I suppose that in many ways, this work is about the subversion of photographic image and the dynamic nature of life.

Where does this project fit in with your larger body of work? Do you enjoy working in this kind of experimental way?

I make many different types of work. I feel that photographers often find themselves planted either in traditional practice of photographic representation or more experimental modes of production. I want to have conversations in both arenas. The two bodies that I am currently focused on, both in one way or another, celebrate experimentation and the loss of control. This is most apparent in the gunpowder work, which is also intimately tied to an older series titled "Emanations," where I created images from the bioluminescence emitted from decaying squid. On the other end of the spectrum, the images from my series Instar, appear to be the most controlled or traditional images I am making because they employ the language of large format landscape photography. These images however, are of phenomena that are part of a continuum of experience I don't fully understand. In the end, ideas and questions drive all my work. It is all an attempt to better understand the world we live in and I hope that through a process of experimentation and reflection, the work will thrive, grow and lead to the next question.

You can view Christopher Coville's Works of Fire at Bokeh Gallery through the end of the month. For more information, visit the MonOrchid website.

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