In Honor of the Renaissance Festival: The Greatest Medieval Games of All Time

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The "greatest party since Camelot" is set to kick off this weekend at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. However, spending just a day or two in medieval culture is never enough. For those feeling feudal, we've compiled a list of the best medieval video games of all time.

Whether they involve one-on-one sword fighting or commanding entire armies, these games are authentic to the period and don't involve any fantasy elements like wizards or elves. Jump back into the combat and culture of ancient times with these gaming classics.

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5. Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery
Released: 2009

The first game on our list deals less with combat and more with city-building. While it does involve battles against other fiefdoms, the main focus is on construction and colonization. The game plays like a medieval version of Sim City, so managing resources and the happiness of citizens is a big part of gameplay. While this might sound dry to some, creating a great city is both challenging and rewarding.

The game does allow ground and naval combat, something that Sim City titles lack. Players can attempt to wipe out competing fiefdoms by use of force, but diplomacy is also an option. Managing the external and internal workings of an entire city is both daunting and addicting. It's all too easy for a player to set out to play for five more minutes and then realize they're up two hours too late. In addition, the graphics hold up pretty well for a slightly older title.

However, the game isn't for everyone. It'd be dishonest to categorize the combat in it as a primary feature, making this a game not designed for players looking to conquer kingdoms through military might. And the bigger a city gets, the harder it becomes to manage every little detail. While controlling the growth of a small town is an intimate process, as it grows the little things start to seem like chores. But for players that enjoy micromanagement and strategic city-building with a medieval spin, Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery is a great buy.

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