Fetish Revolution, ASU Art Museum and SMoCA Exhibition Openings, Mardi Gras, Diamondbacks Fan Fest, and Hearts & Bones Over the Weekend

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Melissa Fossum
Fetish Revolution at Martini Ranch 2013 (NSFW)
Kinksters flaunted their finest leather and lace at the annual Fetish Revolution at Martini Ranch on Friday, February 8. Ginger Fish kept the dance floor moving as folks indulged in eating whipped cream off every possible surface.

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Diana Lustig
A second giant periodic table is attached to the wall in the Cu29 exhibit.
ASU Art Museum Spring Opening 2013
This Friday night kicked off the start of the spring Season Opening Reception at the ASU Art Museum. A number of exhibits were featured, including the Japanese art exhibit, Traces of Japanese Life, and a copper exhibit called Cu29: Mining for You. The copper showing taught viewers about the issues of resource depletion, as well as invited them to join in the art.

Katrina Montgomery
Detail of Paolo Soleri's plexiglas model "Arcosanti"
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art Season Opening 2/8/13
Founded in 1999, SMoCA is devoted to contemporary art, architecture, and design. The museum has five galleries for showcasing changing exhibitions and an outdoor sculpture garden. On Friday, February 8, SMoCA revealed its latest exhibitions with work by Paulo Soleri, Tiranit Barzilay Cohen, Kerry James Marshall, Salomon Huerta, and more.

Diana Lustig
Downtown Phoenix Mardi Gras 2013
A sea of yellow, green and purple arrived at City Scape despite the cold for the third annual Downtown Phoenix Mardi Gras parade and pub crawl. Masks, costumes, and beads were in abundance.

Jim Louvau
Arizona Diamondbacks Fan Fest 2013
The annual family-friendly affair let fans get up close and personal with various Diamondbacks players over the weekend.

Benjamin Leatherman
Photographer Heather M. Hoffman and her entourage.
Hearts & Bones - A Valentine's Photography Show at Gypsy Bar, 2/9/13
Love is a quite multifaceted thing, to say the least, not to mention being extremely complicated. So it stands to reason that any artistic exhibition focusing matters of the heart, as well as the related topics as sex and relationships, would be equally complex and varied. Such was the case with Hearts & Boness, a Valentine's-themed photography showcase that took place at Gypsy Bar on Saturday, February 9, and featured the works of 40 different artists from around the Valley and delved into love, lust, and licentiousness.

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 As usual, Phoenix New Times media reporters miss the cool happenings around the valley.  TONIGHT, a REAL Mardi Gras party at the Ragin Cajun (8040 E. McDowell, Scottsdale) will happen from 8:00 p.m. to Midnight (remember to STOP at Midnight as that is when Lent and Ash Wednesday starts).  The Hurricajuns, the Valley's only Zydeco/Cajun band will perform from 9:00 p.m. to 11:59 p.m.  Lots of Cajun dancers from Meet Up.com will be there and great New Orleans food.  The place is themed on a Southern Bayou and you can even snatch up a little alligator. 

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