Andrew Dice Clay on Female Comics, How Women Are Raunchier Than Men, Why He's as Fierce as Ever

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Do you still do those certain nursery rhymes?
Yeah, you gotta do the classics. For sure. Even in my special, I did them, because I'm one of those comics that has these almost like anthems at the end of the show. And the fans love doing 'em with me, and I like doing it for them. It's like going to see going to see your favorite rock star or singer. I wouldn't want to go see Billy Joel and not hear "Just the Way You Are." You wanna hear the hits on top of the new stuff, and that's what I try to give the fans. I have all the material in the world, but their are still classic bits. Because they go absolutely nuts for that.

Are you still as fierce as ever on stage?
Well, I'm what you'd call an angry comic, for sure. Like I said, I'm a certain brand, and when I come up with bits, I deliver it a certain way. It's very street level. I've never changed my way as a comic. There are cleaner comics in this world, and I'm not one of them. We live in a dirty world with a lot of filthy things going on, and I get into that. I talk about the Internet. I talk about the new generation of women versus the older generation of women. I talk about technology. I talk about how with the Internet, yeah, you might go on to check your e-mails, but we know you're really going to those porn sites. I know how people think and I call them on it.

What pisses you off these days?
I'm talking about the act. I don't walk around pissed off. On stage, I'm a certain kind of animal and I unleash myself on the crowd.

Okay, what pisses off the Diceman these days?
Well, I'm not gonna do the whole act for you on the phone. That's the reason people come and see me perform live. To start doing my material would be stupid.

The Diceman is still a showman, right? Completely rock 'n' roll?
A hundred percent.

Andrew Dice Clay is scheduled to perform from Thursday, February 28, to Saturday, March 2, at Stand-Up Live in Downtown Phoenix. Performance times vary. Admission is $35.

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