Andrew Dice Clay on Female Comics, How Women Are Raunchier Than Men, Why He's as Fierce as Ever

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What do mean?
The way women dress today. I'm not saying this as a put-down, I waited for this generation. They're really aggressive in their behavior, in their dress code. Everything from the animal prints to the six-inch stiletto heels. They're out there hunting us down now. It's pretty amazing to see that attitude in the world now. And, like I said, I don't say it as a put-down. I like it. I've always liked it, and I always understood it. And when I was with a woman, I would never judge her in the bedroom, because I feel everyone is an individual and have their own wants and fantasies of how they like to go about their, uh, love-making, I'll put it to you that way because its a newspaper.

Women can be as bad as men these days, if not more so.
That's exactly what I'm talking about. Years ago, it was just the guys out there hunting, and women had to play it off like, "That's not who I am " -- until they're behind closed doors. Today, they let you know exactly what they are, because they don't want any misunderstandings once they are with you alone. And a lot of guys' mentalities are stupid, because they meet a girl, they go over to her because they're attracted to her, [and] now when that girl does everything they want on the first date, they don't want to see her again because, "Well, she did everything." And I've had those conversations with friends and go, "Well, isn't that what you wanted?" Because she wants it as much as you, and now you're gonna lose a great chick because she did what you wanted her to do, which is stupid thinking.

Have you seen that HBO show Girls, which can be really raunchy?
Never seen it, but Sex in the City started that. That was the show that opened it up for women. You would see them bring a guy home and have sex the first night. But I'm into that. I have no problem with that, and I never did.

What's your opinion on female comedians who are as raunchy -- if not more -- as you were back in the day?
You know, my opening act is a female comic, her name is Eleanor Kerrigan and she'll be with me [at Stand Up Live] in Phoenix. And to me, she's one of the top female comics in the country. She hasn't done a special yet, but I'm sure she will. And she's just amazing, and she's an attack dog on stage. And she's good-looking, sexy, and she has no fear up there. So I don't have a problem with girl comics. Years ago, I [thought] girl comics weren't funny.

How come?
The reason they weren't funny is because they were holding back. You know what I mean? Today, they don't hold back. It's just like the sex thing. So when they're on stage, if they're any good, they're open-minded and their material fits the times we're living in. And that's what Eleanor does.

Did all the drama and controversy that you went through back in the early '90s help pave the way or open things up for raunchy female comedians?
You know, that's what a lot of people tell me, and that's a pretty cool thing. And this history I have of selling more tickets than any comic ever in history is a pretty cool thing, too. There's a book being written about it now. I'm working with the writer and editor David Ritz, who's basically written about rock stars his whole life, but he's doing my book.

Back in the day, you were the enemy of feminists everywhere.
Yeah, but look what you're talking about, feminists. I'm talking about real women.

But to hear you talk about how women are more empowered with their sexuality sounds pretty pro-female.
I always was [this way]. I just really liked sex and wasn't afraid to talk about it on stage. Like I said, years ago, a lot of women would have to try to hide the beasts within themselves. Today, they sit in the front row wearing a zebra dress and a cheetah thong to go with it. So they've come a long way as far as their attitude.

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