Andrew Dice Clay on Female Comics, How Women Are Raunchier Than Men, Why He's as Fierce as Ever

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Are you still as raunchy as ever?
Yeah. I have my comedic voice, and you know what? I talk about what I talk about and -- like I said -- it's hardcore. I'm painting very sexual cartoons for people in their mind. I think that's what really makes them laugh at themselves because when you're honest onstage about your material, people grasp that, and it's almost like they're sitting in the audience going, "Oh, so I'm not the only one that that fits." So they can laugh at themselves. But that's what the world is -- it is raunchy.

And vulgar and harsh, to boot.
Yeah. Look what goes on. Look at the Internet today. Girls post up pictures of their assholes on Facebook. I mean, that's like their profile pic. And guys do it with their dicks. It's crazy. You're talking about a generation that grew up on porn on the Internet. Everybody's Skype-ing. And they're not Skype-ing to say, "How you doing today." That might be the first thing they say. But by the time you hang up and shut the computer [off], they're naked and drenched in sweat.

And other things. You ever do that?
Uh, no. I tried. (Laughs) I maybe Skyped, like, twice. You know, you get into talking to somebody, this was when I was single -- I've actually been married now for like three years -- and trust me, I've got an extremely hot wife. It's the only way to go. But when I was hunting, which is how I look at men and even women today, women have become the hunters. Women today are more aggressive than ever in history because of all this stuff. They compete with each other with the way they dress.

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