Andrew Dice Clay on Female Comics, How Women Are Raunchier Than Men, Why He's as Fierce as Ever

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The notorious Andrew Dice Clay
The next time you're bust up laughing after a bawdy female comedienne like Lisa Lampanelli, Whitney Cummings, or Chelsea Handler lays down some of her signature raunch, be sure to thank Andrew Dice Clay after your sides stop hurting. That's because -- believe it or not -- the ultra-lewd and oft-misogynistic outlaw comic, who served the scourge of feminists during his controversy-laden zenith in the early '90s, ultimately helped break ground for such vulgar vixens, some of whom are as crass and crude as The Diceman ever was.

Though Clay has gone through some bad times in the two decades since his heyday, he's been on a major roll the past couple of years. He pulled memorable appearances during the final season of Entourage, debuted a blockbuster Showtime comedy special titled Indestructible in December, and stars in Woody Allen's upcoming flick, Blue Jasmine. And this weekend, the Diceman will cometh to the Valley for a three-night stint at Stand Up Live.

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Jackalope Ranch recently interviewed the notorious comic via telephone and learned that he still boasts the same fierce attitude and penchant for unbelievably dirty humor (including his infamous nursery rhymes) as we discussed how women have become as raunchy as him, if not more so.

Why did it take so long for you to do a special?
Well, you know, life; let me put it to you that way. Everybody goes through things. In short, I brought up my sons. I got two sons and they actually open the special. They're a rock band [L.A. Rocks], and they're about to get signed because of the special. So, yeah, when I went through certain things in life, I found it more important to bring up my kids and then get back into the career. I always worked but I wasn't making any kind of career moves. And, now, with the success I had on Entourage and a Woody Allen movie I'm starring in with Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin and a hip special on the air, things are really cooking.

Did you ever perform in Phoenix back during your heyday?
Oh, yeah, I would do the Celebrity Theatre a lot. Actually, when I first got into concerts, Phoenix was the testing ground for Dice. We put one show on sale at the Celebrity and wound up selling out three in that day. So I have a lot of history there. Actually, they call me the "Stripper's Comic" because when I would perform, the owners of strip clubs would close down the club that night and bring all the girls to my shows. So hopefully that's the scenario at Stand Up [Live]. There's nothing like having great-looking chicks sitting in the front row. You know that.

And you love to rip on them.
Oh, yeah, even on my special, Indestructible on Showtime, I don't really stick to the script. Pretty immediately I dive into the crowd a little. Most comics, when they do a special, really stick to the script and what they rehearsed, I like to get into the crowd a little, and that's what leads me into my material. I always go into the crowd. Always.

And your crowds don't mind getting ripped on.
No. The people coming to see Dice are paying to see me for a reason. I mean, I deliver a certain brand of comedy. It's hardcore, it's sexual, it really riles them up. They really enjoy it. I love it when I get couples in the front row. You got one couple that, let's say, is in their 50s. And then you got the younger demographic, like a guy dating a 28-year-old girl for a year -- it's a great dichotomy what I say to each of those couples.

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