Adult Film Star jessica drake Hosts "Let's Talk Sex" Workshops to Valley Fascinations

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What else is involved with the workshops?
I do this thing that I love at the ending of every workshop, I do a Q&A. At first, the question and answers are about the topic of the workshop. But then, after we get those questions out of the way, I give them the opportunity to ask me anything. And I've had some of the most amazing conversations with people because of that.

So you hope that people who attend the workshops will leave fully informed?

And there aren't any hands-on demonstrations?
No, of course not (laughs). This is an actual, realistic workshop. This is somewhere that people can come for the real information and take this home and try these things out with their partners. Husbands and wives love these workshops. But no, this is not a live sex show.

At these seminars, are the crowds largely male or female?
We definitely see a lot of couples, with the exception of maybe the workshop for female masturbation. Obviously, I like to keep that workshop women only because I find that's what ladies the most comfortable, especially if they have questions that involve difficulties that they had reaching orgasm. But everybody is welcome. When I do the fellatio seminars, men are welcome too, because I feel they can provide some really useful feedback.

Are people shy going into the workshops because of the explicit nature of the subject matter?
I've definitely seen people be shy and timid and a little embarrassed during the beginnings of the workshops. Usually, they do loosen up and get into it, which is great. I love it when the mood changes like that. But I've always had people come into the seminars all over the world that are super open-minded and nothing phases them. And those people are really great too. It's generally a mix. But I do enjoy helping open people's minds.

The "Let's Talk Sex" Workshops hosted by jessica drake take place on Friday, February 8, at Fascinations in South Tempe, and on Saturday, February 9, at the Fascinations in North Scottsdale. Admission is free, but RSVPs are required. See for more info.

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Luka Bleu
Luka Bleu

Lame! If ur an adult and need to take a class in sex. You must be

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