Adult Film Star jessica drake Hosts "Let's Talk Sex" Workshops to Valley Fascinations

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jessica drake
Why do you want to help people out in the bedroom?
This is something that I obviously feel very passionate about. I think I have a sort of unique approach when it comes to sex because even before I was in the adult industry, I was the person that everyone came to for advice. Out of all of my friends, I was the one most comfortable talking about it. And I'm a people pleaser, I love to help people. I like to have a use in the bigger picture, instead of just doing movies.

I've always wanted to teach, of course, but I also wanted to give people ways to get inspired. And the best way to keep people inspired is to give them the knowledge and then you turn them on with the information. So the instructional line that I do, I narrate them. They're 100 percent me, but I do not have sex in them. It's something I wanted to keep separate from my own hardcore career. I narrate them, I direct them, and a cast them. I shoot demonstrations with each particular topic that we're covering. So say we're the shooting the one on fellatio. I give some anatomy lessons, I start talking about technique, different ideas and tips that people could try.

We imagine both the DVDs and the seminars are quite explicit.
Basically. I mean we are talking about sex, you know.

What do the "Let's Talk About Sex" workshops involve?
The seminars sort of encompass the basic information that's within the instructional DVDs. So definitely if a couple wanted to come to my anal workshop, for instance, and all they need to be is curious. And I definitely give them the knowledge and the tips and the tools that they need to at least attempt it for the first time. And the same with female masturbation one as well.

Female masturbation has probably been one of my favorite instructionals so far because I make it so empowering. You're really teaching a woman how to better love her body and how to be more comfortable with exploring herself and that's the basis for better sex with a partner. You really have to know yourself first and then you can take that into your bedroom and share it.

Will the workshops cover what's on the DVDs?
Well, the workshops do cover the basics that are on the DVDs: Fellatio, female masturbation, and anal sex. I always sort of gauge the audience and adjust the workshop accordingly. I've never had two identical workshops in the past few years. It depends on the area of the country that I'm in, or which country I'm in for that matter, and how comfortable everyone is with participating. And, obviously, by participating, I don't mean having sex; I mean having part in the conversation and asking questions. And some of the time, I let the audience guide the way the seminar goes, because if I have a more conservative group, I certainly don't want to make them feel uncomfortable by jumping right into a topic, I'd rather let them warm up to it.

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Luka Bleu
Luka Bleu

Lame! If ur an adult and need to take a class in sex. You must be

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