We're Doomed: Georgia Man Puts a Zombie Hunting Truck Up for Sale on eBay

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If you're a prepper coasting through Georgia and have $3,000 to spare in the next week or so, give Killa Kadoogen a call.

The 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer is outfitted with a custom paint job, a few mini shovels, wooden bed racks, and was made, the owner says, for "Walking Dead fans, doomsday preppers, zombie slayers," and plenty of other perpetually single men around the country.

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The details, from Killa Kadoogen:

Now you can finally drive your very own Zombie Response Unit! This 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer has been conditioned from the ground up to kick zombie ass! Check out www.thezombietruck.com for the build gallery. This Truck is my every day transportation. The ZRU-1 takes me everywhere I want to go. You better believe it turns heads! Prepare for local infamy! I've used it to promote for a local haunted house and my own website. Here are the goodies:

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