WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes on His Killer Mustache, Ribbing Damien Sandow, and Which Legendary Tag Team He'd Love to Battle

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Among the greatest tag teams in wrestling history -- from the Rock 'n' Roll Express to the Midnight Express -- who would you love to face in an hypothetical scenario?
In a hypothetical situation, it would be The Freebirds, and I would say [Terry] Gordie and [Michael] Hayes of the Freebirds because Michael has been instrumental in my career. He has been a guiding light for me. And I forget sometimes, until I go back and look at footage of him when he was 21 or 22 years old, tearing up the World Class Championship Wrestling territory, just setting it on fire. And it would be a good opportunity for someone like Damien and me to watch and learn, especially from two guys like that. Midnight and the Rock and Rolls is a very obvious selection, but The Freebirds, Gordie and Hayes would be fun, personally for me and Damien. We make fun of Michael on the road regularly, it would be a lot of fun.

Which two singles wrestlers would you love to face off against?
Hmmm...like in the current way of things? Good question, because I'm really trying to think of who's better. You know what, just off the top of my head, I wouldn't mind seeing a tag team -- and it's highly unlikely -- I wouldn't mind seeing a tag team with Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio. Because as much as they probably gravely dislike one another, it's very similar in how they are as singles competitors, and their aggression, and they're very similar. I know with Randy first hand, whenever you get involved with him he's always trying to one up you and you're always trying to one up him and I think that would be very compelling not in a comedy way, in a real sports entertainment way.

There are a slew of second and third generation wrestlers in WWE. Not only you, but also on the roster of NXT.
Yeah...Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, Richie Steamboat.

Are you look forward to eventually facing them? And do you think it's great these wrestling families keep on producing superstars?
Honestly, when I hear, "Hey we signed such and such's kid." I get a little trepidatious, because it's so hard. It's so difficult. It's easy as can be when you have that legacy to get in the door, but my gosh, you have to do everything great. Dean Malenko -- who's another second generation told me this once and he was 100 percent right -- I used to do the Dusty jabs. He said, "Don't do the Dusty jabs, definitely don't do the Dusty elbow, don't bleach your hair. Do everything fresh." And he was right. And that's what those guys, that Bray Wyatt of NXT has really stepped outside any parallels to his father, and I think that's what guys need to focus on because all you're doing is you're bringing up old memories when you go out there as a junior. You need to go out there as yourself and see what you can offer.

Do you think that's why Joe Hennig is not Joe Hennig?
He's like a hot button issue because he's obviously really talented and he has his legacy and Mr. Perfect was who he was. I always looked at it and I think I'm wrong cause I don't know anything other than what anyone else would know in this situation. I always looked at it as that "Boy Named Sue" type of thing and if he could move forward with such a silly name then he really was worth his weight. I don't know if he looks at it...that's just the philosophy I had on it.

It is such a bad name. But there is, certain guys have certain magic and I don't mean to bring myself up on here but this crowd today is chanting Cody's mustache. I feel like if my mustache is getting a certain reaction then I'm doing something right. And this type of thing when I think about Joe, if I had put together a stable of young second generations it would be Joe Henning. I don't, at this point, I don't know if it will ever be Joe Henning.

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