WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes on His Killer Mustache, Ribbing Damien Sandow, and Which Legendary Tag Team He'd Love to Battle

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You and Damien Sandow will face Team Hell No at the Royal Rumble, correct?
I wouldn't be surprised if you saw a tag title match with us and Team Hell No. [Note: This interview was done a few weeks before it was announced that the Rhodes Scholars would face Team Hell No at Royal Rumble.] I certainly think that might be Damien and myself, that might be the direction we go in. We don't really consider ourselves -- talk to him he'll tell you the same thing -- a tag team. I think other people consider us a tag team more than we do but we certainly like what we are doing.

Where does Damien come up with all those poems and obscure quotes? Is it something you rehearse behind the scenes?
That's all Damien. He has a little devotional book and there's a lot of that information in there. That's something he's very into. Very few people help him with that. If you tried to write something for Damien, it would probably backfire because he knows something that's better. But for the quotes -- like the T.S. Elliot quotes and things like that -- they pale in comparison to the little things.

I'll watch one of our segments and he just makes me laugh at how he gasps at certain things, how he'll be talking while you're talking but what he is saying is rather funny. I think he told me this past Monday "good form" on an absolutely horrible, horrible high-class joke but it made the joke funny because he said, "Good form." He's brilliant, he's one of the better guys on the mic in years.

Do you guys roll together on the road?
I'll be honest with you, we don't. I tried to ride with him two weeks ago and he has this secret road agenda he's up to that I'm like now curious about spying on to see what he's doing. I have no clue. But he basically ignored me for the first time in our long friendship because I've known him since OVW. So now I will never ask him again because now he offers every week, but I will never ride with him again because he's up to something so I'll let him get it out of the way.

Do you ever rib him at all on the road or backstage?
I don't know if I rib him as much as he's extremely driven. He's really just a passionate guy. We're on a lot of tours together, like we're getting ready to be in Puerto Rico this weekend and we spend a lot of those times together trying to come up with different ideas for what the team can do. And I'll end up kind of fleshing them out, but they'll usually start with him. But with that stuff it's fun to rib him because I'll just use a little bit of experience I have here, and I'll say like, "Oh, such and such really hates that," which is a complete lie. And he'll be like, "Really?" So yeah, I always try to use my little bit of seniority I have here to get under his skin. But that's it, I really don't rib anybody. I dress alone, I keep to myself. I've been there long enough I pretty much don't like anybody.

What do you mean by "such and such"?
I said, "Such and such really hates that," like if he's coming up with some sort of thought he's going to go run by one of our producers or one of our bosses, I just try to get under his skin with a little inside politics stuff, but it's never true.

How do you feel about the recent renewal of tag team wrestling in WWE?
You know, when it's like classified like that, I hate it. Because tag team wrestling -- especially in the south, not so much in old WWE -- but tag team wrestling is just part of sports entertainment. That tag at the right point, on the right night should be the most exciting 15 seconds of your life.

But when you talk about the overall, the renewal, I don't know, I still want to see something from a lot of guys. I think Damien and I stick out like sore thumbs because we're very good at what we do. But we also have guys like The Usos, that's a true tag team, they're brothers, and I keep wondering when are they going to give themselves the kick in the ass to show us all what they can do because I know for a fact they're extremely talented.

The same with guys like Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd. Anybody who's in the know knows that Jason Kidd is an absolute assassin in the ring. So if they want to be part of this resurgence, if they don't want a guy like Kane and a guy like Daniel Bryan -- who are as well good as singles as they are in a tag, same with Damien and myself -- if they don't want to [things] dominated by guys like that, if they want it to be the true tag teams, then they really have to step up.

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