WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes on His Killer Mustache, Ribbing Damien Sandow, and Which Legendary Tag Team He'd Love to Battle

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There's actually a proud tradition of mustaches in wrestling...
Oh my gosh, yeah.

...Like Magnum T.A. or Rick Rude for instance.
Bret Hart texted me and said, "Are you paying homage to Rick Rude?" and I felt bad that it was such a long, stupid explanation for the mustache that I just said, "Yes." And now he's really into it. I love Rick Rude. I've paid homage to Rick Rude in other ways.

Does that include being a villain? Like looking at some of the WWE's major heels of the past such as Rick Rude who really knew how to work a crowd?
I call it stealing, just flat out stealing. Everyone who lives with me hates it because all I do, I watch either Netflix or Classics on Demand because I still get a kick out of different elements of sports entertainment, so I see something every week. Whether I remember [something] when I get there and I'm nervous as hell on Monday or Tuesday but I always try to watch guys that have that side to them like the moves they did. The stuff they did in between the moves is just amazing to me. I still remember today, so I try to steal something pretty regularly.

There's supposedly a seven-year statute of limitations on gimmick infringement.
Oh yeah?

Yeah, it dictates that anything older than seven years is fair game.
Man, I look at it this way, if a guy's retired, it depends on how popular it was. Like you can't just steal something, there's backlash when you try to steal something that was super, super popular. I like it when guys steal stuff that was popular, but it's more you're doing it your own way. As far as moves go, if a guy out...fair game. If you put him out...it's fair game. I don't know what I'm going to steal from Booker T. I've literally tried that spin around sunset flip in the corner 50 times and fallen on my head twice so I've got to steal something from him.

But even with the mustache do you still have the prettiest face in the WWE?
I can use a mustache. I was just telling a gentleman that asked a similar question what an excuse I have, I did 14 vignettes on how to make yourself dashing. I can get away with a mustache for a short period of time, I think. I hope.

You were out of action recently because of injuries. After coming back, do you take extra care to avoid going back on the shelf?
First day I came back, against everyone' wishes, I got in the ring with Ted Dibiase and he gave me a backdrop. I needed to do that. When you're afraid of getting hurt, I feel you will get hurt. What happened was a freak thing and I'm very lucky. I turned my head in just a way that I tore those muscles in my back and deltoid but I didn't break my neck. But I'm no good if I just tone it back. I'm not 300 pounds, I can't walk around as a big bruiser. I have to be able to fly. So, no.

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