WWE Superstar Antonio Cesaro on Ugly Americans, Being the United States Champion, and Why He's Tired of Being Called Eurotrash

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Antonio Cesaro prepares to dish out some paint to R-Truth.
Do you get a particular thrill that us Ugly Americans have you as a champion, whether we like it or not?
Yeah, I get the question a lot when I do the interviews for [the] foreign press. I tell them, for me, it's a lot of fun to rub it in America's face kind of like, you know, I'm a foreigner and I'm your champion and they get all really mad, but there's nothing they can really do about it.

Except coming up with better insults than calling you "Eurotrash," right?
Yeah, come up with better insults or find someone who could beat me, which is pretty impossible I would think.

Wrestling has always had evil foreigners as villains. Are you a modern-day version?
Uh, yes. I think I'm a modernized [version]. I'm very fond of tradition, very fond. I don't like the term old school, but if I would use it then I would consider myself old school. I believe in old school values, for lack of a better term, because I think those are still very valid. Values that people just don't have. You don't see people holding open doors for elderly people for the ladies. That's just stuff that got lost with time. And I don't know why, because, I think, being a gentleman, like I am, that's very important and that's something that should be taught.

How come?
I think it's something that parent's nowadays just...they don't bother with raising bother with raising the kids well anymore. And I think if you talk to a different generation that's what's still very important and nowadays just gets forgotten.

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