WWE Superstar Ryback on Comparisons to Goldberg, Avoiding Injury, and How He'll Steal the Show at Royal Rumble

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You recently participated in a brutal TLC match with CM Punk on Raw. How do you protect yourself during such a dangerous contest?
You don't. No, you go in there and know it's going to be physical, it's gonna be hard-hitting. There's a lot of outside elements in there, a lot of things that stick out in the ring and either you can't fall on a ladder any certain way. It all hurts and that's something we do for the entertainment of the fans in the WWE Universe. I love it. I'm very physical so it's right down my alley.

Former WWE Superstar Edge was proficient with TLC matches and it may have contributed to his early retirement. Do you walk a balance between entertaining the fans and protecting your body?
Uh, yeah. I feel like that would be a better question for CM Punk because I tend to be the one giving out the majority of offense in my matches. I tend not to be thrown around by many individuals. We go in there and, yeah, you're taking a risk with everything that you do, pretty much. My goal is to win, obviously, I wanna stay healthy and I don't want to be injured. But when you get out there sometimes all that goes out the window and the adrenaline is flowing and you do things that you wouldn't necessarily think you would do before you go out there. You just cross your fingers, hope for the best, and give everything you've got. You can't hold back and hopefully you come out of it in one piece.

You've chased CM Punk and the WWE Title for several months now. Do you think there's more money in the chase versus the catch?
You know, I just did my goal board for 2013 [with] 13 of my goals for this year and becoming the WWE and World Heavyweight Champion are my main goals. So no, the chase is great, but for my ultimate goal and what I want to accomplish here in the WWE, being WWE champion is something that's going to be a big part of that. And I believe it's going to bring me to a whole other level. Its a responsibility that I welcome with open arms.

How certain are you that it will happen?
I know it's going to happen, it's only a matter of time. I've been a fan my entire life and growing up watching this and its going to be surreal moment and I'm going to take every second of it in. And I look forward to waking up every day the WWE champion.

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