WWE Superstar Ryback on Comparisons to Goldberg, Avoiding Injury, and How He'll Steal the Show at Royal Rumble

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Ryback lays the smack down on Lord Tensai with a killer clothesline.
When the WWE Superstar known as Ryback faces off against opponents in the ring on TV shows like Raw every week, the 6-foot-3 musclebound titan doesn't just wrestle them. In fact, he tends to destroy his foes with hard-hitting and painful-looking moves like clotheslines, slams, and his devastating finishing move, "The Shell Shocked."

It turns out that Ryback is just as forceful with his words, as we experienced firsthand via a recent phone interview with the 31-year-old spandex-clad performer. He blasted those fans who either boo him or call him a rip-off of Goldberg, as well as bluntly informing us that he plans on winning the WWE title sometime this year.

Ryback's also confident he'll do well during the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view, which takes place at US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix on Sunday, January 27.

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Last year was a breakout year for you, but do you feel overexposed?
Not at all. I feel 2012 was just a warm-up as far as I'm concerned. There's so much more to Ryback than people know yet. We started at the very basic level and we built patience with people.

How do you deal with people who boo you?
You know, they started me off with local competitors and people want to whine and complain about that because our society as a whole is extremely negative and the people just want to be unhappy so they tend to just talk about what makes them more unhappy instead of focusing on positives. But we built patience with people and then the time was right we pulled the trigger and it worked. And I knew it all along and they knew it would all along. Right now is 2013 [and] I feel we're going to see a lot of different layers to Ryback.

When will fans in the WWE Universe get to see this?
We're just going slow with it, like you should when you build a new superstar. Things have been rushed in the past. I'm not new to this, I've been in [the WWE] almost seven years. I've been through a lot in developmental. This is just the beginning. There's much, much more to Ryback. I firmly believe I'm going to be the focal point of the WWE for the next 10 years.

What's your take on your nickname, The Big Hungry?
I didn't mind it at all. Rumor, though, has it that Vince McMahon was not a big fan of it. So is kinda why its died down and the commentators have quit using it for the time being. I will say I like "The Big Hungry," maybe down the road it will be something that happens, but as of right now its kinda out of the equation.

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