The Five Most Anticipated Video Games of 2013

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2. Watchdogs
Release date: Sometime this year

The Rundown: The gameplay demo trailer for Watchdogs took E3 2012 by storm. It highlighted the game's unique mechanics centering on the themes of hacking and surveillance. The demo showed a player jamming cell phones, tapping a call, manipulating traffic signals to cause a pileup to trap his target and escaping by raising a bridge at the right moment and jumping over it.

The story will focus on the idea of information warfare and the ethical dilemmas that society faces with the use of technology. It's an open-world game, but from what we saw in the gameplay trailer, the open world seems to be more realistic than other titles--NPC's seem to be carrying on their own conversations and daily activities rather than just wandering about the city randomly.

Why We're Excited: We're most excited for Watchdogs' new mechanics. The ability to control an entire city via hacking is a fresh idea that should make a great gameplay focus. We can only hope that will mean thee will be less third-person, cover-based shooting. It's sure to involve some of that, but it's also said to feature stealth mechanics and parkour as alternatives (or accessories) to violence. Another great thing about this game: it features a co-op mode that allows a friend to play a character integral to the plot instead of a tacked-on sidekick.

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