The Five Most Anticipated Video Games of 2013

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3. The Walking Dead: Season 2
Release date: Sometime this year

The Rundown: Speaking of apocalypses, Telltale Games will be releasing a sequel to its first massively successful title based on Robert Kirkman's graphic novels. The Walking Dead recaptured the fun of a point-and-click adventure game and accompanied it with a great story and interesting characters. Players will eat up anything involving The Walking Dead's universe, so a second installment should be another great success.

Telltale hasn't released much information about the new season other than the fact that it will utilize saves from the previous season. It's unclear who the main protagonist will be in the second season -- it could be Clementine (a previous protagonist), or it could be an entirely new character with his or her own story and group of survivors. The good news is that players' actions in the first installment will influence the plot of the second, so characters will likely be returning in some form.

Why We're Excited: We're looking forward to this release for some personal reasons as well. Here at the New Times we indulged in some major spoilers for the first season before playing the game, which somewhat ruined the experience. The game focuses much more on story and character development than it does on actual gameplay, so any spoilers have a pronounced effect on one's enjoyment of the game. We won't make this mistake a second time, though, so we're very excited to experience Telltale's second installment, whether it be from the perspective of an established character or a completely new one.

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