The Five Most Anticipated Video Games of 2013

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4. The Last of Us
Release date: May 7

The Rundown: The words "apocalypse" and "zombies" have become almost synonymous. The Last of Us takes a new spin on the end of the world ... The culprit? A fungus. It's a scary fungus, though, called Cordyceps. It's a deadly organism that normally attacks insects, but in The Last of Us it migrates to humans. However, the game doesn't fully escape the zombie trope -- the player must fight those infected by the killer fungus, which has turned people into mindless monsters.

The story follows Nathan Drake clone Joel, a hardened smuggler, as he survives living under a harsh government that has quarantined the remaining population and maintains martial law. He promises an old friend that he will help a young girl named Ellie escape the regime, and the two begin a journey across what remains of the United States. Along the way, the pair will fight off not only the infected, but also government agents determined to capture the escaped Ellie.

Why We're Excited: While the gameplay footage we've seen was impressive, we're most excited for the story of this game and the level of immersion it promises. It has the potential to create a memorable universe and compelling plot beyond what players have come to expect from video games. Players may well overlook mediocre gameplay if the game has a strong plot and cast of characters, but there's no indication that its gameplay will be mediocre. The Last of Us is easily a contender for game of the year if it's everything it's hyped up to be.

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