Victor Moreno on Indie Films, Where to Watch a Movie in Phoenix, and His Upcoming Cult Classics Screenings

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movie poster by Victor Moreno
How has Cult Classics changed since you started it?

When Cult Classics started, it was originally one of multiple programming tracks at small theater in Mesa. It eventually came to be the big drawing event there selling out monthly. We moved it to MADCAP Theaters and it became more of a draw there, selling out 160 seat auditoriums per available showtime until we needed to grow even more and we moved over to Pollack Tempe Cinemas. So its rewarding to see the community we've built around the Cult Classics brand follow us and our for events continue to build to where we can take more chances with film programming and grow the variety of events even more in 2013.

Moreno will screen WEIRD SCIENCE this Saturday, January 12 at Pollack Tempe Cinemas. Tickets are $11, but there are a few VIP ticket options that include original movie poster designs by Moreno, including:

Victor Moreno

  • VIP Option #1 - Lisa Package - This option gets you regular admission and an 11×17 print that features Lisa! This is $20.

  • VIP Option #2 - Chet Monster Package. This option gets you regular admission, plus an 11×17 print that features Bill Paxton's Chet Monster from the end of the movie in a send-up of a classic John Hughes poster. This is $20.

  • All-Access VIP - This gets you admission, PLUS both of the prints. This is $35.

Tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets and the movie starts at 9:30 p.m.. Get there early to catch the pre-show, which includes vintage trailers, 80s clips, Zia Records giveaways, and some great people watching, as attendees are encouraged to dress in their favorite 80s outfits.

For more information, Check out the Cult Classics website and the WEIRD SCIENCE Facebook invite.

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