Victor Moreno on Indie Films, Where to Watch a Movie in Phoenix, and His Upcoming Cult Classics Screenings

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movie posters by Victor Moreno
What is different about the Phoenix film scene?

One of the things that is actually pretty unique about the Phoenix film scene is accessibility. Phoenix is served by AMC one of the nation's largest theater chains, but they almost never bring independent features to town. Harkins Theaters, our local chain here, does a great job of bringing a wide diversity of film to Phoenix, especially indie film. Camelview 5 and Valley Art pretty much exclusively plays indie film and the Shea 14 and Scottsdale 101 are also becoming home to films that don't play at the Valley Art or Camelview. Plus, we have multiple film festivals in Phoenix like the Scottsdale International Film Festival and the Phoniex Film Festival that bring in a great variety of film into town on top of what independent exhibitors like Cult Classics bring in monthly that isn't necessarily a new release.

How many movies do you watch a week?

On a good week, maybe between 15 to 20, I'm a pretty voracious cinephile, so my queue is usually always pretty long.

Have you ever walked out of a film?

Yes, a few times. The one time that really steps to mind was an early screening of Inland Empire in 2006 I believe at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. I'm a huge David Lynch fan, but this was Lynch's first film shot digitally and its self indulgent, inane and just drags on forever. After 2 hours (of what I later learned was a 3 hour film) I tapped out and left.

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