Seven Things Steve Wiley Should Have Grown out of by Now

Three O'Clock High
5. Teen Movies.
Luckily, my teenage years were excellent. I'm sure Freud would say I was stuck there as a result. However, try as I might, the realities of being an adult do creep into my life here and again. When that happens, I draw upon my big ol' collection of teen movies. I'm not just talking Breakfast Club, I mean deeper gems like Three O'Clock High. All eras, all genres. I love those kids.

4. Air Guitar on the Steering Wheel.
Actually, I'm a one-man air band, but the place I really adore my own spotlight is when I'm playing air guitar while driving. Luckily in a big city, I'm sort of invisible in my car, but I have no doubt that a Tempe friend or two have seen me spazz on by while jamming on one of thousands of solos that I think I have mastered.

3. Catching a buzz.
The methods may have changed, and for sure I've added the concept of moderation, but I still like to take the edge off just as much now as when I was young. I don't know how it is out there in the rest of the Valley, but here in Tempe I'm not the only one. We know how to take a good attitude and make it better.

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