Revera's Custom Perfume-Blending Class Will Light Up Your Olfactory Bulbs

Katie Johnson
Revera Beauty
Once students have picked their favorite scents, Brand gets them hooked up with a sort of My First Chemistry Set. It's at this point she brings out the wine, immediately making the whole experience better than any high school science class.

As students drop, shake, and blend their personalized perfumes, Brand provides a complimentary bottle engraving with your choice of title (e.g., PHXCulture by Jackalope Ranch). After each custom-blended perfume has been bottled, the personalized formulas are kept on file for future refills.

In-store classes cost $100 per person ($80 per person if you purchase as a group of 3 or 4) and include a bottle of custom-blended perfume to take home. To sign up for an already scheduled class or to make an appointment for a larger group, visit the Revera website or e-mail the shop at

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