Revera's Custom Perfume-Blending Class Will Light Up Your Olfactory Bulbs

Katie Johnson
A shelf of scents at Revera Beauty in Phoenix
Whether you're tired of BYOB painting classes or simply looking to try something new this year, Roosevelt Row's Revera Beauty has a pretty sweet DIY activity.

The locally owned boutique specializes in all-natural bath and perfume products and offers custom perfume-blending classes for those looking to get more hands-on with what they put on.

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Katie Johnson
A custom perfume-blending class at Revera Beauty
Led by Revera business partner and in-house aromatherapist, Violet Brand, the custom blending classes are offered at either the store location (with a maximum of four students per class) or off-site for larger parties. (Brand and her business partner Susan Kerr have a travel kit for the just the occasion.)

Revera's perfume classes run about three hours long, which seems daunting at first, but, trust us, the time flies by.

Brand starts each class with casual introductions: names, reasons for attending; and most importantly, favorite scents. After making detailed notes about each person's aromatic preferences, Brand takes her students through an informative -- and rather fragrant -- sampling of nearly every ingredient Revera has to offer.

In the first hour of the class, students sip hot tea and take in whiffs of lavender, patchouli, and a number of scents. Brand takes this time to give facts about the origins, usage, and complementary pairings of each scent sampled.

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