First Friday in Downtown Phoenix: An Illustrated Map and Guide for January 4

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Linda Ingraham
"Chalice" Archival pigment print, paint, resin on wood
- Linda Ingraham @ Monorchid
Linda Ingraham is well-known in local and national arts communities for her portraits of botanicals, individuals, and scenery created in a variety of media. This month at monorchid's Bokeh Gallery, Ingraham will show a more "photographic" series of work created and inspired by the town of Jerome, Arizona.

"Ingraham's focus for many years has been on the beauty in found objects, plants, and animals and how they change over time as they decay, whither, and fall apart due to natural phenomenon," writes monorchid curator Justin Germain. "This project, titled Off the Beaten Path: A Departure from the Norm, represents the artists' interest in change and breaking from the everyday expectations of who she is and what she does. Admittedly, the imagery is more photographic than most of her work, with minimal manipulation and without her "stamp" of hand-painted and resin-coated images mounted on wood."

Daniel Funkhouser
Classic Episodes From the BroZone with Logan Bellew
- Daniel Funkhouser @ Eye Lounge
Daniel Funkhouser's latest pair of exhibitions at Eye Lounge is the best sensory overload we've had since the neon comeback of 2012.
The local artist's Family Photos is a series of metallic digital prints that question the absurdity of social norms and play with tropes of childhood and adolescence, and he describes his series called Homelands as "a starscape installation influenced by an undying love for Science Fiction."

Together the two exhibitions constitute Funkhouser's third and final showing in downtown Phoenix's collective gallery, Eye Lounge. Incorporating self-portraits and portraits of a few close friends, Funkhouser expands upon some of the themes he has explored in previous works, but this time, he says he's taking his persistent questioning of social paradigms to the next level. -- Katrina Montgomery (read the full review here ...)

Useful Hints:

Jackalope Ranch's latest limited-edition sticker, submitted anonymously.
• There is a ton going on, so get there early, find a parking spot, get a snack (and a water bottle), and pace yourself.

•The Phoenix Art Museum has great parking (and great art, go figure).

• On-street parking is limited along Fifth and Sixth streets. Or if you can nab a spot, check out the free street parking on Grand Avenue.

• Our limited-edition sticker was submitted anonymously this month. Pick one (or two) up at one of the galleries listed on our map.

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ExpertShot topcommenter

Why the hell doesn't Alwun House appear on the Map?  They're at 12th Street and Roosevelt and certainly have been instrumental in the art scene in Phoenix.  What gives New Times - don't they advertise in your rag?

So much for the idea that the marketing and news departments are kept separated.


We love this illustration, and we're hoping we could get added to a future edition of it :) We're a (somewhat) new art gallery, located on the southwest corner of 6th Avenue and Mckinley. Thanks for your consideration!

Gary Waterman
Gary Waterman

Craaaaap. Forgot that was this weekend. Heading to the snow. Will catch it next month.

Jackalope Ranch
Jackalope Ranch

6th Avenue Gallery Should be all fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

6th Avenue Gallery
6th Avenue Gallery

Love the map idea! Having trouble enlarging the illustration though :( We tried clicking on the actual illustration and the comment below it that says "or right here," but no luck.


Clicking the map isn't bringing up a larger version for some reason... hmmm...


@ExpertShot Thanks for the note. The map has nothing to do with advertising and everything to do with interesting things we find going on during First Friday. We've never said that the map is a complete guide to all galleries -- it would be impossible to fit everything. (A good thing, if you ask us.) We've written about Alwun House on Jackalope Ranch and will continue to do so. If you know of exhibitions and galleries that you'd like to see on future maps, please feel free to email them to 

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