First Friday in Downtown Phoenix: An Illustrated Map and Guide for January 4

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Art walks are more often about people watching and shenanigans and less about the actual art. We're here to guide you through both. Presenting our very own Field Guide -- an evolving guide to art walks around town.

From time to time, we'll introduce some of our favorite spots and dish out some insider information. If you have any tips or tricks, share 'em in the comments section.

Here's a peek at our guide to Downtown's First Friday for Jan. 4...

illustration by Claire Lawton
click on the image (or
right here) for a full-sized version or find one in a few of the galleries and coffee shops in downtown Phoenix.

See also:
- Creators of Ziindi Zine Open 1Spot, a Native Contemporary Art Gallery on Roosevelt Row
- Phoenix Photographer Andrew Pielage to Open the Drive-Thru Gallery on Roosevelt Row
- Daniel Funkhouser Presents "Family Photos" and "Homelands" at Eye Lounge

On the Map:

Gas Station Opening Invite.jpeg
Andrew Pielage
- Grand Opening @ Drive Thru Gallery
In January, Pielage be operator and curator of the Drive-Thru Gallery -- a space that's held a number of names and been used as a studio for years on Roosevelt Street, behind Th!nk and Five15 Gallery. He snatched up the space around the same time local artists Michelle Ponce and Damian Jim signed a lease on the gallery next door, which now houses 1Spot, a place for contemporary Native artwork.

Pielage says his goal is to show mainly photography, but that he's likely to bring in other forms of artwork. He's planning a grand opening for the gallery during the First Friday of January that will feature his Roadside Gas Station Series, which he created over a two-night trek along State Highway 89, between Flagstaff and Page, and State Highway 77, between Tucson and Globe.

- Ruben Gonzales & Gabriel Sandoval @ The Lab
Gabriel Sandoval's a native Phoenician who grew up in the graffiti and street art world. His work, including portraits and cultural illustrations, will be shown this month alongside metalwork by The Lab's Ruben Gonzales this month. Gonzales says his work will include "Music inspired" themed pieces of metal, bike chains, and gears. The Lab will open at 7 p.m..

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ExpertShot topcommenter

Why the hell doesn't Alwun House appear on the Map?  They're at 12th Street and Roosevelt and certainly have been instrumental in the art scene in Phoenix.  What gives New Times - don't they advertise in your rag?

So much for the idea that the marketing and news departments are kept separated.


We love this illustration, and we're hoping we could get added to a future edition of it :) We're a (somewhat) new art gallery, located on the southwest corner of 6th Avenue and Mckinley. Thanks for your consideration!

Gary Waterman
Gary Waterman

Craaaaap. Forgot that was this weekend. Heading to the snow. Will catch it next month.

Jackalope Ranch
Jackalope Ranch

6th Avenue Gallery Should be all fixed. Thanks for the heads up!

6th Avenue Gallery
6th Avenue Gallery

Love the map idea! Having trouble enlarging the illustration though :( We tried clicking on the actual illustration and the comment below it that says "or right here," but no luck.


Clicking the map isn't bringing up a larger version for some reason... hmmm...


@ExpertShot Thanks for the note. The map has nothing to do with advertising and everything to do with interesting things we find going on during First Friday. We've never said that the map is a complete guide to all galleries -- it would be impossible to fit everything. (A good thing, if you ask us.) We've written about Alwun House on Jackalope Ranch and will continue to do so. If you know of exhibitions and galleries that you'd like to see on future maps, please feel free to email them to 

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