A Spectators Guide: NFL's 10 Hottest Players in Celebration of Super Bowl XLVII

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The Super Bowl is right around the corner, which means it's time to prepare yourself for chugging cheap light beer, inhaling heaping portions of nachos, and rooting for the team you feel deserves the title for an entire Sunday.

The Super Bowl is the conclusion to most red-blooded Americans' thirst for professional and individual competition -- that is, until August, when this traditional round-up starts again.

Though the sport's attention to hard bodies is usually reserved for the teams' cheerleaders, the league also is populated with a score of x-chromosome carrying athletic eye-candy. Not only are these pros the best at this full-contact sport, they definitely do a body good and keep onlookers drooling over their sculpted features.

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Mike Roemer
"Thor" in motion. Clay Matthew's Athenian looks warm up Wisconsin.
10. Clay Matthews
This Green Bay Packers linebacker puts Greek Gods to shame with his chiseled jaw line and long, curly blond locks. Even on Green Bay's most frigid winter night, Clay melts hearts of Packer fans and admirers alike.

Kristen Aldridge
Breathtaking at every view, Tony Gonzalez is one tight end we don't mind looking at.
9. Tony Gonzalez
Tall, dark, and handsome do not even begin to describe this Atlanta Falcon. The tight end from California is a 13 time Pro-Bowl selection and has broken NFL reception records along with the hearts of Falcon followers.

Vernon Davis flexes his tatted muscles and kills it with his thousand-watt smile.
8. Vernon Davis
Speaking of tight ends, this NFC champ and San Francisco 49er is dominating the 2012 season in receiving yards and touchdowns. Vernon assisted in leading the 49ers to their victory to participate in this year's Super Bowl, defeating the Atlanta Falcons 28-25.

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