Mesa's Monsterland to Close Next Weekend

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Benjamin Leatherman
Monsterland R.I.P.
Cue up Chopin's infamous funeral march because it looks like Monsterland in Mesa is headed for the grave.

The proprietors of the East Valley attraction (which functioned as a haunted house, restaurant, bar, and nightclub) announced on both Facebook and Twitter earlier today that it will close on January 19.

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The post, which was made just before noon, was fairly brief but upbeat, given the circumstances

Well guys it's been a great ride!! We absolutely love all our fans and appreciate you all supporting us in this AMAZING adventure!! But we regret to inform you all that Monsterland will be closing.

According to folks behind the scenes at Monsterland, the establishment -- like most small businesses that have shook loose the mortal coil in recent years - has fallen victim to a grim reaper in the form of financial problems.

Monsterland, which first debuted in September 2011, had a brief lifespan that may have lasted less than two years but involved plenty of tumultuousness. Less than six months after opening as just a Halloween season attraction, co-owner Kevin Wynn announced plans to convert it into a year-round haunted house, eatery, and nightspot.

monsterland nightclub dance floor.jpg
Courtesy of Monsterland
Monsterland's nightclub/dance floor.

It was a grand but costly transformation that Monsterland spokesperson Aly Gangemi told Jackalope Ranch may have been the place's undoing.

"The investment in the haunted house initially was a good chunk of money and then we gutted out a lot of the stuff we spent a bunch of money on and turned it into a restaurant and bar," Gangemi says. "And our kickoff date [after the remodel] was fantastic and we had busy nights and busy events all through the summer, and October was amazing, which we expected."

Then came November, she adds, and the post-Halloween doldrums.

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Monsterland - CLOSED

18 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ

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66rock topcommenter

No surprise here.  Location, location, location.


Monsterland had the axe coming.  To preface my tirade, I LOVED THIS PLACE!  They could have gone SO FAR... with so many missed opportunities!  They had an easy open for nabbing up the Mesa Happy Hour scene but that they considered their happy hour pricing competitive was HORRIFYING; it paralleled that of a private venue or amusement park.  When an order of chips runs $7.50 in downtown MESA you've got to wonder what the owner is thinking, besides dollar signs (half off that for happy hour is still almost $4 bucks for friend POTATOES).  I happened upon a PBR specially priced at $2.50 (I actually think it was higher) I knew they were really out of touch with what is competitive.  Mesa did not need a Rainforest Cafe.  The private parties seemed awesome and the night club situation seemed viable and that's where you can charge those outlandish prices.  I hope a chain with some know how like Dos Gringos, Valle Luna or ZIPS picks this monster ball up and runs with it... so much potential seemed quashed by poor venue/restaurant management.  

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