Steve Wiley Talks Baseball, Coaching his Kids, and Little League of Their Own

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Thank You, Sir. May I Have Another?

About a month after the all-star season ended, the manager of the team called us and told us he was interested in keeping the team together, and giving it a go in the highest level of 13-year old club baseball. The best of the best.

And amazingly, he asked if I wanted to help coach.

I spent last weekend calling pitches on defense and coaching third on offense. In the thick of the game, watching kids execute the plays I called for them. Did I have to get up at the crack of dawn in freezing temps? Yup. Did I miss all four of the NFL playoff games? Uh huh. But I was in the middle of five baseball games with my son and our team. And we won the tournament.

A truly beautiful thing.

So as the first Little League season in 8 years starts without me, I look back fondly at where Youth Baseball has led me, with a big nod of Parent Hood thanks.

And Now: The List

Here are my Seven of the Most Basic Baseball Fundamentals:

7) Step and throw at the target; 6) Hit the cut-off man; 5) Get in front of the ball; 4) Think about the play before it happens; 3) Use two hands; 2) Keep your eye on the ball; and 1) Forget about the mistakes and the failures and move forward.

FInally: The Take:

It doesn't have to be baseball, but I cannot endorse many fatherly goals more than staying as involved as possible in whatever piques your kids interest. Hopefully, you'll get lucky like I did and your kids will share some of your interests. But if not, I know lots of awesome dads that are just as involved in competitive dance, or art, or acting, or sports they themselves never even played (hell, our team manager never played baseball) who get the same "involved" rush I get coaching baseball. The important thing is to spend that time and share that interest.

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