Heidi Abrahamson Captivates Classic Style at Downtown Phoenix's Metro Retro

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Heidi Abrahamson
Posture and poise. Heidi proves that mixing classic pieces complete a modern day look.
Stashed behind downtown Phoenix's panoramic skyline and collection of neighborhood hideaways, sits Metro Retro, the modern furniture and accessories shop for the evocative soul.

Owner, Heidi Abrahamson, is responsible for her store's nostalgic ambiance and constructive fashion, suitable for any on-the-go, working woman. Her resume includes a modeling career, jewelry design, and an avant-garde artistic point of view. She describes her style to be classic, yet comfortable.

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What are you wearing right now?
Tan, thin Wale corduroys, black riding boots, a thin black cashmere sweater and a big, bulky Missoni (not from Target) sweater, and black Chanel silk scarf.

What's the last item of clothing you purchased?
I got a nice light-gray long, thin wool cardigan and a thin wool black sweater by Eileen Fisher at Last Chance.

What sort of fashion do you create?
As far as the jewelry goes that I make, it's clean, modern, Scandinavian-inspired.

Heidi Abrahamson, owner of Metro Retro and jewelry designer, expresses her passion in keeping classic fashion alive.
What's the last thing you designed?
Right now I'm getting ready for another opening at Flow Modern Design Gallery in Palm Springs in February during Palm Springs' Modernism Week, so, I'm working on several things at once. Today, I will finish a sterling silver women's ring that has a "wood grain", and an onyx and Tahitian pearl pendant.

What's the favorite thing you've ever designed?
A ring with coral and a 12 millimeter pearl. Also, a sterling brutalistic pendant with 18kt gold.
Can you tell me a little bit about your own style?
I like classic things that won't go out of style. A good jacket, scarf, little black dress. Changing accessories with basic pieces goes a long way. If you buy a good, investment piece of clothing, it will last a lifetime and will always look good. Trendy things fall by the wayside and you can waste money.

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...and designed my engagement ring...love, love, love Heidi


Thank you, Jackalope Ranch!!

Phoenix Metro Retro specializes in Mid Century and Scandinavian Modern furniture and accessories.

(we do not do consignment)

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