GIRLS: A Quick Recap, The Five Rules of Watching, and How to Catch The Next Episode if You Don't Have HBO

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A quick rundown of GIRLS (so far) in 15 points:
1. There are four main characters: Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna. Hannah lives with Marnie, her best friend, and Jessa just moved back from traveling the world and lives with her cousin, Shoshanna.
2. Hannah is self-obsessed and neurotic, Marnie is mature and put-together, Jessa is unpredictable and irresponsible, while Shoshanna is an innocent, quirky, airhead (seemingly).
3. Hannah's parents had supported her while she interned, up until the first episode, where they cut her off. Marnie works for an art gallery, Shoshanna goes to NYU and Jessa takes up a job as a nanny for a couple comprised of an unemployed husband whose wife works in film, James and Katherine.
4. Hannah spends the season chasing after her lover, Adam, who treats her like crap. She manages to get him to be her boyfriend, and he turns into a half-decent guy.
5. Jessa tells Shoshanna she is pregnant, and decides to have an abortion. On the day of the appointment she appears to be second-guessing her decision
6. Jessa's boss, James, ends up falling for her and texts her asking what she's doing one night, only she hadn't saved his number and staying true to her unpredictable nature just replies with the address of the party she's at, telling them to come. The night ends in chaos, and she is fired/quits.
7. Jessa's boss Katherine makes a surprise visit after the party and they end up having a strikingly real conversation about her husband and Jessa's refusal to be true to herself and grow up.
8. Marnie doesn't know whether she wants to be with her longtime boyfriend, Charlie, and spends most of the season loving and hating him. Until Charlie and his friend Ray find Hannah's diary and learn the truth of Marnie's feelings. Charlie breaks up with Marnie, she gets him back, only to realize she does want to break up.
9. Marnie is heartbroken when less than two weeks later, Charlie has another girlfriend.
10. Shoshanna is a virgin, and after accidentally smoking crack at the same warehouse party Jessa invited her boss, Charlie's friend Ray ends up falling for her, and she ends up losing her virginity to him, but on a later night.
11. Hannah and Marnie have a falling out due to Hannah's self-obsessed nature and Marnie moves in with Shoshanna and Jessa temporarily.
12. Adam offers to move in with Hannah, but she doesn't realize it's because he is in love with her, and she asks her ex-boyfriend Elijah, who she just recently learned is gay, to move in with her. When Adam tells her he loves her, she doesn't reply and as he walks into the street a bus hits him.
13. Marnie and Jessa initially have a strained relationship but Marnie's breakup and her moving in with Jessa and Shoshanna brings them closer together. When the two girls go out for drinks they meet a man, Thomas-John, who invites them back to his house for a nice bottle of wine.
14. Jessa wants nothing to do with Thomas-John or the situation at hand, but Marnie is trying to let loose and be carefree, the opposite of her normal personality, and ends up kissing Jessa at Thomas-John's. As they are kissing passionately they knock over their wine on Thomas-John's expensive rug, to which he goes berserk and demands in on some of the action between them, but they take off.
15. Season finale has Jessa inviting everyone to a mysterious last-minute party, which turns out to be her wedding-to Thomas-John.

If you haven't seen the show yet, we implore you to jump on the show's already hefty bandwagon. Trust us, you'll thank us. There's a reason the show had garnered fans and followers before it had even aired its pilot. It's the most talked about new show, and for good reason.

And don't worry; there is still plenty of time to get caught up. The first season was a short and sweet 10 episodes, with most clocking in right around half an hour, making a full season catch-up very doable in a day. What are you waiting for?

"GIRLS" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO

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