GIRLS: A Quick Recap, The Five Rules of Watching, and How to Catch The Next Episode if You Don't Have HBO

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The second season of Lena Dunham's genius HBO show GIRLS is officially underway, and we're definitely looking forward to seeing where this season takes us ... and by "us," we mean the girls of course: Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna.

If you don't want to bother with watching the first season but still want to start up with the second, we'll fill you in on the necessities of what you need to know about the characters going into the second season, plus give you tips for the best way to watch the show, and tell you how to catch last season and the current one without actually having HBO.

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Don't have HBO? Don't worry about that either. Since HBO decided to offer HBOGO to its customers, which essentially gives the opportunity for people to supply their moocher friends with access via the Internet, all you need is a friend with HBO and the Internet and you are in the clear. Or if you prefer, you also could buy the season off iTunes for $28.99 or $2.99 an episode.

The five rules to watching GIRLS:
1. Under no circumstance, should you watch with your parents or family members, unless it's a very close sister. Your mom may think she wants to watch it with you, but she, or at least you, definitely do not.
2. Don't watch it with your boyfriend, unless you are prepared for a few awkward moments, and perhaps conversations (see: STDs, abortions, one-night stands, anal, period panties, the list goes on)
3. Do watch with your girlfriends. The more the merrier truly applies with this show. It's perfectly fantastic by yourself, but your girlfriends will make it even funnier.
4. Do partake in an adult beverage during your viewing. Unlike "Sex and the City," which made you want to drink by watching the girls imbibe on wine and fancy martinis, this show will just make you want to drink because it seems to go hand and hand with the girls and their dysfunctional lives.
5. Under no circumstances should you compare yourself, your friends, or you and your friends' boyfriends to any of the characters.

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