Five Apps to Spice Up Your Exercise Routine in 2013

Categories: Technology

5. Pocket Yoga

It's hard to recreate the feeling of a yoga studio at home, but Pocket Yoga is a huge incentive to start a home practice. There are 27 different yoga sessions in the app complete with detailed voice instructions, and they can be customized to specific levels and durations. For the beginning student, the app offers illustrated images of individual poses with descriptions of correct positioning so you can get a hold of things outside of the flow mode. You can track your progress, play music from your own library, and wirelessly connect to your Apple TV when you're at home. It's a great multi-functional yoga app for all levels.

Cost: $2.99

Bonus: Fitbit

One thing that we haven't liked about some of these apps is that they really do a number on your battery (we're lookin at you, GPS trackers). Fitbit makes activity trackers that will sync to your mobile devices without using the GPS itself. They are pricey, but worth it.

Cost: Free for the app alone; $60 -- $100 for the devices.

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