Five Apps to Spice Up Your Exercise Routine in 2013

Categories: Technology

3. Nike Training Club

We have to start out with the disclaimer that Nike Training Club is geared specifically towards women right now, but the app is seriously so far beyond any other strength training/ muscle building app out there that there's just no comparison. (And it's made by Nike so we are pretty confident there will be a men's equivalent eventually). So about this app: You can select the type of workout you would like to do and watch a beautiful demonstration video of some of the moves in the routine (there are also written and audio instructions so all types of learners will be happy). Nike really plays up the celebrity trainers in this app -- once you reach certain achievements you can unlock workouts with professional athletes or Rihanna's personal trainer. That part seems a little gimmicky, but the routines speak for themselves. Like RunKeeper, the app integrates with music and doesn't cost you a dime.

Cost: Free

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