Five Apps to Spice Up Your Exercise Routine in 2013

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Let's start out 2013 with a dose of reality: It's hard to keep New Years resolutions.

According to the New Years resolution statistics published by the Journal of Clinical Psychology for 2012, 25 percent of resolution-makers have already given up on their goal by January 8. The number only grows over time with nearly half of New Years resolutions abandoned by the first day of February.

Our selves of yesteryear might've heard these stats and turned to run, but it's still the first week 2013, and we are sticking to our guns because dammit we still really wanna lose 10 pounds this year.

What if we made our fitness goals for 2013 cater to our existing (technological) lifestyles? Instead of springing for that new exercise wardrobe and $100 a month gym membership, what if we opted for a $2 guide that fits in our pockets? Let's give our resolutions a little boost this year with some apps to help us start exercising more regularly (for real this time). Here are some of our favorite fitness apps to get you started.

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1. RunKeeper

The name of this app may be a little deceiving -- RunKeeper is not just for runners. The app allows you to GPS track activities from your phone (anything from walking to cycling). Once you start an activity, you can view your route on a map along with stats about your pace distance and time. The app is integrated with your music so you can keep listening to your tunes while you get coaching through your headphones -- super encouraging if you like audio cues. Once you have used the app a few times, you can view a history of your activities, create goals, and see how you are progressing towards them. There are even pre-made fitness plans if you aren't sure where to start. The interface is so sleek, and the app has really been perfected over time. We cannot recommend RunKepper enough. Oh yeah, and did we mention it's free? No excuses, download this app immediately.

Cost: Free

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